Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teacher Challenge’s 30 Days to Kick Starting your Blogging-why??

Why am I participating in the 30 Days to Kick Starting your Blogging Teacher Challenge? I will give you a list:
1) To form a new habit of consistently blogging my thoughts, tips and ideas.
2) To create a rich resource for my students to extend and enrich their learning.
3) To extend my PLN.
4) To continue in my quest to be a life-long learner.
5) Because sometimes I get caught up in the daily grind of life and forget to push my own boundaries/challenge my "way of doing things."
6) To encourage other staff members to blog!
7) To help debunk the myth that the Internet is something to be feared.
8) To compete with my buddy K-Pod! ;)
9) To find other amazing blogs and bloggers to help keep my professional fires burning.
10) To always keep my focus on my students, their learning, and their futures.

Watch over the next 30 days to hopefully see a transformation in this blog!! :)

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