Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lessons from a horse: photo practice...keeping it legal (hopefully)!

Tee hee!!  Thanks to Steve Jurvetson for a great photo and a great laugh this morning!  Many of you know already that I have a slight horse addiction.  Ok, a major horse addiction.  Training horses and training people around horses has given me amazing insights into teaching and has made me a much better teacher!!  Below is a top 10 list of things I learned about teaching from horse-ing around!

10) Getting up early and being the first person at the barn (or at school) helps me ease into the day.
9) I enjoy the ground work more than I enjoy the result. 
8) Spending time on the ground work is not only enjoyable, but is the only way to get the result you want.
7) Racing to the finish line usually ends up in stitches (literally and figuratively).
6) Teamwork can never be underestimated and any two individuals can become a team with the right guidance.
5) Sometimes you have to get dirty to get clean.
4) Daily practice is the only way to earn success.
3) A good rider stays out of their horses' way and lets them shine.  A good teacher does the same with their students.
2) Sometimes you win the biggest when you aren't even in the show!
1) Discipline matters.  I love riding, my riding students have been waiting their whole lives to spend time with their horses.  However, sometimes no one wants to show up and do the work that it takes to ride.  But you do it anyway and it is awesome. Always.

What are some ways that a hobby has helped you be more successful??

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