About me!

I am a sixth year science teacher in Colorado, where I grew up!  I currently teach at an online school and love every minute of it!

I am new to blogging, and knowing me, this blog with change in content and focus over time.  as for right now, I hope to bring a rich resource together for my students, their families and also other educators.  Learning online is still young and sometimes can be intimidating.  I am hoping to help families and other teachers understand and navigate the world of online learning better!!

Enjoying a warm day in N. Colorado!

I live with a small nuclear family consisting of myself, my husband our daughter who is a three year old maniac! She keeps us on our toes and always keeps me guessing. I LOVE animals and have two dogs (a bulldogge and a Jack Russel Terrier) and one wild cat. We try to get outside and be active as much as possible!! Please join me for a hike sometime!!
You have to see him to believe him.