Friday, January 14, 2011

Mini-Reviews for three Blog Posts

I wanted to share three great posts I have come across recently:

1) Stickr-Create Sticky Notes on Any Website by R Byrne. I love this post! It is so easy to forget the content of websites or the great ideas of others as soon as we navigate away from a site (or are forced to reboot)! Mr. Byrne does a great job of showcasing a neat tool without an overly wordy explanation, leaving it up to us to decide how we might use this exciting resource.

2)A great post about School Choice by Lori Lolz! I am a whole hearted believer in school choice and feel strongly that we have to focus on innovation, not stagnation and tradition (that word choice was for you, mom). I am proud that I have spent my career helping to grow young and amazing schools!! Are we perfect yet? No, but we are trying to get there, which is more than I can say for some of the dusty B&M schools who keep doing the same things they did 10, 20 and 30 years ago! Lori's post is about National School Choice Week, which is a great time to raise awareness of all of the schooling options out there.

Speaking of choice, look at all of the choices people in my area have. Each red dot represents a school. I wonder if COVA has a fuzzy red haze that curtains the state, sense we are lucky enough to educate an incredibly diverse population!

3) I also love the leadership post written by Stephanie Hoaglund. Leadership is an incredible resource that can truly make or break a school. Teachers, administration, students, parents, (and many more) must be leaders in order to create a successful future for students!!! I also appreciate the timely mention of one of our most powerful leaders, Martin Luther King, Jr. Here in Northern Colorado, we are smarting after a Greeley District 6 Board member made heinous remarks about this hero of our nation. I appreciated Ms. Hoaglund's bringing my focus back from anger at a poor leader, to the highest respect for an amazing leader and person.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great posts! I love the Stickr! What a fun tool. I always run across web site I want to come back to and then don't know where they went or why I marked them. Perfect tool for that.