Friday, August 6, 2010

What are your goals??

I am not a huge goal setter, but I am learning to improve! Giving yourself something realistic to shoot for is a great way to feel like you have accomplished something and, if you surpass your goal…wow!! That really feels great!

Some of you that are reading this blog are new to COVA and some have been with us for years! There are so many goals that you can think about in your personal or family life, and when you are schooling from home, you will notice that some personal goals blend into some school goals. I have a few suggestions for students and families as you all begin preparing for the new school year:

1) Keep it positive-you CAN do this, we can help!! Reach out to us on those tough days where nothing is going right. Sometimes we can fix your issue, other times we can just give you a shoulder to lean on. Either way is SOOOO worth it!

2) Turn in all of your work-sounds SO easy right now, but you will find yourself tempted to skip some items here and there. Start from day one turning it in, and you will reap the benefits!!!!

3) Come to your live sessions-all of our data (and believe me, there is a LOT of data) says that you will increase your chance of earning a high grade in your classes if you make the time to come to the live sessions!

4) Participate- join a club, get out in the Big Think, jump into class discussions and come hang with your teachers at events and in Tutor Time (formerly known as Office Hours). Also, (this sounds silly, I apologize in advance) be sure to answer your phone when we call and update your phone number if it changes!

5) Do your best and forget the rest- we all fall short of our goals sometimes. Don’t let it stop you. Stop, think it over, change what you can and get back to it!!!

So, what are YOUR goals?? Stop to think about where you are and where you were last year. Then try to create three to five realistic goals that you will KNOW when you have achieved them so that you can enjoy the feeling of a job well done! Also, be sure to let your teachers know about your goals so that we can help you get there and, most importantly, help to celebrate your achievement!!

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