Friday, August 20, 2010

Reflections on the first week back.

What a busy, inspiring and amazing week! We have so many new cool features in our LMS (Learning Management System) that are making teacher and students lives MUCH better! I have had an amazing week of getting in touch with over 200 students and families. It has been great to hear your stories, talk with you about your worries and just get to know you better. Hopefully many of you got to come out and see some of your teachers this week! If not, there are more events coming up next week! I believe that we are having a club fair on Monday during your homeroom, so be sure to join in and become a member of a club that excites you! We have a truly wide variety of options out there, hopefully one (or more) will appeal to you!

During this busy time, it is always nice to stop and remember what we are here for and why. The answer to both is YOU! We are here to help you learn your content, help to hold you accountable for your involvement in your education, and have some serious fun along the way.

Many of you have already taken quizzes, participated in class discussions, and even completed your first solo lab!! :) Pat yourself on the back, that is a very big deal!

I know that this week was smooth sailing for some, and a bit rough for others. Please never hesitate to get in touch with your teachers to share your joy and pain!

Enjoy your weekend, you have earned it!!

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